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Ways to Excel in Your Music Hobby

Ways to Excel in Your Music Hobby

Making music is an amazing hobby. It balances your mood and provides you with a form of expressionism.

However, for some strange reason, most people fail to go somewhere with their love for playing music. Consequently, either they stagnate at a particular place or quit altogether.

If you are a young musician wanting to do something about their artistic hobby, you have come to the right place. Gary Pryor has put together for you a list of ways to excel in your music hobby, so stay tuned.

Gary Pryor’s Top Tips for Musicians Wanting to Excel in their Hobby

Get the Hang of the Basics

Let’s suppose you are a beginner guitar player. If such is the case, you should really be working on open chords before you graduate to something a little more advanced.

For beginners, trying and learning techniques that are out of their grasp, for the time being, is very tempting. The bad news is that such aspirations are good but unrealistic and distracting.

According to Gary Pryor, it is important for beginners to put in the time and effort to get their basics right. Or else they will frustrate themselves earlier on and quit.

Find a Teacher

YouTube is a mine of knowledge, and it has done a major service to aspiring musicians. However, despite the ample amount of music lessons available online, you can’t factor in the importance of a teacher.

It is good to learn music online, but unfortunately, there is so much information out there that it is easy to get confused.

On the flip side, a music teacher gives you a step-by-step plan, thus enhancing your theoretical knowledge as well as your skill.

Moreover, a teacher understands your capacity and teaches accordingly without overwhelming you with advanced techniques.

Join a Band

It might be strange to you, but most of the big musicians out there didn’t attend too many lessons. Instead, they developed their knowledge and their technique by playing with other musicians.

According to Gary Pryor, playing in a band exposes you to various approaches, enhancing your musical horizons in a major way.

It also has a lot to do with peer pressure, which is sometimes necessary. While there is great comradery in a band, the peer pressure compels you to up your game and match your standards to those of better players.

Listen to Various Genres

Gary Pryor believes that in order to be a good musician, you need to listen to different genres of music. It is good to have a particular influence, but experimenting with various genres will help you in the long run.

Being fixated on a specific artist or genre is good for developing your style. However, having an elitist attitude towards other music styles will take away your versatility, which is a powerful tool in an artist’s toolkit.

Gary Pryor’s Final Word

Gary Pryor is a strong believer in the fact that younger musicians should keep their learning process as fun as possible. Music is technical, and the more you overwhelm yourself with unnecessary bits of information, the harder it will be for you to live your musical dream.