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The Spy Club

Gary Pryor

New York City’s Crane Club owners Michael Crane and Gary Pryor, with Paul Carvelas and Rhodeman Li, gave Washington a night to remember with the grand opening of The Spy Club. The night fete consisted of all sorts of festivities, including specialty drinks in the gorgeous “Cubana Room,” champagne and billiards in the “Billiard Room” exclusive to members only, and danceable funk with various wall-sized murals created by celebrated New York artists Norvel Hermanovski and Fay Zinger. The exclusive Billiard Room had several distinguished personalities, including Congressman Tom Mcmillen, Robert Corby, Michael Crane, and Rhodeman Li.


Stepping out in Washington – The Pisces Club in Georgetown leaves no stone unturned in welcoming members and guests in a magnificent style. The list of attendees contains notable names like Noelle Shepard, Michael and Dorothy Papadula, Prince Windischgraetz, David and Katherine Blee, Herbert and Gloria Haft, and David and Marianne Forward.

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